[Nov 2013] Anxious Without a Cause

I went out today with Sophie. We came to the coffee bar next corner. I have never been here before, but I have planned to visit it someday because sitting at home all day makes me crazy. I was already nervous before leaving home.

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[May 2013] Reframing Negative Thoughts

After yesterday’s party, I woke up today with an aching throat. I could hardly swallow. I went back to sleep and got out of bed at 1 am, with slight remorse about letting the hours slip out of my hands. On top of that, I didn’t do anything at work yesterday so that the remorse might be for that too. I prepared breakfast with tea, in the meantime watching a supposed-to-be-funny project-management parody about failed and fucked-up projects, stressed out project managers and developers. It was supposed to be entertaining – and it was indeed -, but it had a very different impact on me.

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[May 2013] Negative Thoughts

I’ve read an interesting thought in Kabat-Zinn‘s book “The Mindful Way through Depression: Freeing Yourself from Chronic Unhappiness“. He is writing about the mechanisms of depression, that our problem-solving capabilities can prove ineffective, or rather counter-productive when dealing with feelings, especially with negative feelings. Because the more we ruminate – trying to stop an otherwise fleeting feeling – the bigger problem we generate for ourselves. This hit me as a revelation because this is exactly what I am doing very often. I am trying to figure out and solve things, and keep ruminating about as if there was a rational solution for them.

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[Jan 2013]: Am I already Whole?

I woke up early morning for a very long Monday. I meditated a bit, while my girlfriend was still sleeping next to me in the bed. I did my morning routine, I had a quick breakfast, then I left to the hospital where my father and my brother were waiting for me. There was snow on the streets everywhere, that had fallen during the night. I was already tense before leaving, even more during my way to the hospital. It usually comes and goes in waves, just like now. I tried to listen to the radio in my car, then I turned it off, because it disturbed me. Then I turned it back on, while time was passing, and I was sitting in the traffic jam. It took me an hour to get to the hospital. I wanted to arrive, but when I finally arrived, I felt I was unable to pull myself together to get out of the car and go inside.

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It’s been a while since I first had the desire that I want to start a blog. Exactly because of the reasons and goals I’ve started this blog, just like I detailed it in my introduction. Also because in the last few years I have noted down lots of my thoughts, feelings, experiences, and realizations in my diary, or whatever I call it. Sometimes I’ve shared my writing with a few friends, who has read it with interest, understanding and support, and they’ve encouraged me to share my thoughts with a wider audience.

And still, until now, a lots of things have kept me back to start. Aboundance of negative thoughts, fears, and doubts…

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