Who Am I and What Is This All About?

Although I read tons of books and blogs, listened to and watched lots of presentations or case studies about mental and emotional problems, about therapy and change, these are mostly told by a therapist or other professional, with the silent note that in practice therapeutic change can be very hard, painful, and slow. But no matter how much I dug into psychology and self-help, I could never find anyone who wrote honestly about how does therapeutic change really look like, when you are in it and when you do it. How does it look like to go through it, how is it to be in the dark, to see the dim lights, then become lost and desperate again. How is it to lose all the hope, then get it back again. How is it to lose faith and to believe again. How does the whole process look like from the inside. I want to fill this void somehow.

If I wanted to summarize this blog really short, I would put it this way: it is about looking for a way out of my misery through profound change. This blog is about change, and about if it is possible at all, or if it has barriers. I want to write about my difficulties, suffering, misery, darkness, dread, hopelessness, shame, and struggling with all these. And about the way out, or about looking for the way out. It is about if there is a way out of mental and emotional problems, depression, anxiety, panic, shame, and traumas. If it is possible to be happy and free. If it is possible to become happy and free. I don’t know the answer yet myself, I just hope that all this is possible…

If you want a somewhat longer answer about me and about the purpose of this blog, then read my introduction.


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