[Aug 2013] Balance

My balance of 2013 so far: losing my father, losing my girlfriend, coming to hate my job.

I remember a Friday afternoon, back from February 2012. I didn’t go into the office that day because I had no meetings. My mother came to visit me and do some shopping in the city with a friend of hers and with my brother. We had lunch together, then I walked with them around the city, while waiting for my girlfriend. She met me to do something together in the afternoon. In the meantime, my father was working around the house at home, which he used to enjoy a lot.

I still remember the feeling and my thoughts. I was wondering how beautiful life is, and how lucky I was to have everything: family, love relationship, job, peace, and happiness. A year and a half passed since. My father is dead, my girlfriend is no more with me, I am fallen apart, just like my whole life. Oh, and I hate my job.


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