[Jun 2013] The End with my Girlfriend

By the age of 30, I accomplished the lamest, most disastrous and disgraceful break up of my life. She gathered her stuff and left me standing here speechless, but before she had given me a lecture about relationships. She told me that it couldn’t work in a way that only one of us puts in the work and energy. She lectured me, and she was absolutely right.

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[May 2013] Relationship Prison

It is way past midnight. I am sick, I have a bad cold with a mild fever. Today was the worse. I can’t even sleep. I woke up late, and I am not sleepy enough to sleep. I am just tossing and turning awake, in my sweaty pajamas¬†and bed-clothes. I am a bit drowsy because of the medication¬†but still can’t sleep. I can’t stop coughing. I am flooded with thoughts. I think I’ve never felt it so strongly how unhappy I am in my relationship.

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