[May 2013] Father Is Sick Again

I had a dream last night. My father was sick again, and we knew he was going to die. And it wasn’t the way as if I had gone back in time to his sickness, it was like he had been sick before, had died before, and then he became alive and sick again. So we had to go through the whole process once more.

I met my brother in the dream, and talked to him about this, but he was totally worn out from it, he was in a state that I had been in before, during those horrible days. He felt even worse, because he simply refused the whole thing, he didn’t want to hear about it, that daddy was sick again.

Days went by in the dream, when I suddenly realized, that it had already been days that I had been dealing with all this, and hadn’t even called father, who might have been dead already. I had only managed the surroundings, and completely forgot about him. I felt so guilty and ashamed.


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