[Nov 2012] Bad News

The long unwanted meeting just happened today. I talked with my father’s oncologist privately today morning, discussing the results of his latest CT scan. I asked a few really (to me) unpleasant questions, and I finally got some painfully straight and concrete answers, that I only assumed before. So let’s see those answers and facts.

My father has stomach cancer with metastases on both sides of his lung. This condition is not manageable with a surgery, because they can’t cut both sides of his lung. Neither is this condition curable with any other methods. My father is going to die in this disease, soon. Till that he is going to get chemotherapy in order to slow down the progression of his cancer and the approaching of his death. That’s it.

At home I only told them that they can’t perform a surgery on him. I’ve kept the rest to myself so far…


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